Title Loans in Lincolnshire, IL

In today’s world, budgeting and saving are becoming paramount with the average cost of living and every day essentials going up. And for those who live paycheck to paycheck, it can get scary when they never know if an emergency situation could happen.

Some employers have sought to help people by investing in payroll technology that can help them get paid some of their wages daily, but there’s still a long way to go before that becomes ubiquitous.

If you’re an Illinois resident, there’s a way you can turn your cars into emergency cash while you’re waiting for your next payday. We offer that option through our auto title loans in Lincolnshire, IL. A Lincolnshire vehicle title loan can get you that cash advance.

Cash From Title Loans In Lincolnshire Is Completely Yours

Auto title loans have different laws in each state that they’re legal in, but in each of those states including Illinois you have the freedom to spend title loan cash where you want to. You are required to completely own your vehicle without having any outstanding auto loan payments due on it, or any other court-ordered liens listed on the title.

That’s because title loans in Lincolnshire are secured loans, which are loans that use your vehicle as collateral, and to do that you must be the sole owner of it. But since it is your vehicle, it’s also your cash and no inquiries are made about how you intend to use it.

Appraising Your Vehicle For Title Loans In Lincolnshire

The way title loans in Lincolnshire work is your vehicle will be valuated with information based on its make, model, year and mileage as well as its overall cosmetic appearance and condition. This information can be taken down on our car title loans online form, but the main appraisal will be done in person.

Your title loan will usually be about 25% of the vehicle’s overall value, though in some cases it could be as high as 50%. Illinois does stick a cap on the total amount you can borrow at $4,000, and your monthly income must be high enough to qualify for making payments as required. Vehicle title loans are usually meant to be paid off in just a matter of weeks, or in some cases one month, although you can extend them if you make an interest only payment.

Get Pre-approved Now With No Obligation

If you live near West Chicago apply online or call us and we can tell you exactly how much money you can get! You will be pre-approved for an auto title loan immediately after you apply! The application takes less than two minutes. We will tell you how much you can get and guide you through the process until you have your loan.

You do not have to get out of your house. It will only take a few moments to look over your vehicle facts and personal information. Most people are able to obtain a significant amount for their car or motorcycle, boat, or RV title. How wonderful is that? Imagine all of the things you could accomplish with that much money.

The Online And In-Person Application Process

Our online application for title loans in Lincolnshire, IL is the best place to get started, and it’s where you’ll get a car title loan estimate. But you will need to bring your vehicle in person to our location to complete it.

That’s because it will need to be inspected to make sure it matches the description and operates correctly. Plus we will need to have you go over a few documents, sign them and turn over your title to us to complete the process. You will also need to have the following with you:

  • A photo ID that proves you are 18 or older, and it must be a government ID such as a driver’s license or passport
  • A document showing your monthly income such as a pay stub or bank account statement

Once we go over the documents, have your title and complete the inspection, it will not take long at all to make an approval decision. We have a variety of means we can send your title loan funds, but some may have a fee or take a little longer to receive than others. You are also permitted by law to opt out of a title loan if you return the funds entirely before closing time the next business day.

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